Sophisticated But Affordable Waterproofing Systems

In building construction, creating a waterproof envelope and barrier around a structure is critical and of the utmost importance. A building or structure is waterproofed by using membranes and coatings to protect its contents and structural integrity.

Over the last two decades, the construction industry has had a few technological breakthroughs in waterproofing, including integral waterproofing systems and chemically enhanced membrane compounds. New membrane technology seeks to overcome the shortcomings of their predecessors PVC and HDPE. Polymer-based compounds are the new benchmark in waterproofing as they possess super adhesive properties that create a seamless barrier around the outside of a structure.

The roof, siding, and foundations are all surfaces required to be water-resistant and, in some instances, waterproof. Pro Con believes that no one product is appropriate for every use case. Different conditions need different solutions, and this is why we carry a range of products and solutions, including felt paper, tar paper with asphalt, tar to make a built-up roof and other such products like Bituminous waterproofing, EPDM Rubber, Hypalon, Polyvinyl Chloride, Liquid Roofing, and many more.

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